A Clipstand™️ is a pen topper integrated into UpWrite products.
1. Upload your logo for the clip
2. Choose a final product
3. Watch your brand be the center of UpWrite’s revolutionary “layered marketing” merchandise!

For 1-99 quantity 

Quantity discounts
100-499 $4.98
500-999 $4.96
1000-2499 $4.94
2500-4999 $4.92
5000-9999 $4.82
10000+ $4.35

*A ClipStand™️ is the backbone of each UpWrite creation.

**min qty (1000)

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It’s a Clip!:

– Lapel Clip™️.

– Clip your papers.

It’s a Stand!

– Pen stand.

– Phone stand.

– Adaptable and magnetic.


Keeping an eye on your prized possessions can be a tough task, especially in a cluttered environment. UpWrite®️ invented Clipstand™️ a simple, handy gadget that can help you keep many of your most prized tools in the spotlight at all times.

Converge many things with many instruments, for example

1). your instrument of choice (e.g. your favorite Stylus, Pen, Marker, or similarly barreled instrument, etc.); and

2). your phone or treasured memento (e.g. Tag, Picture Frame, Bottle Opener, USB, toy, etc). Possibilities and combinations are endless!

Stick UpWrite’s®️ included metals to your mobile phone and/or memento, and simply insert an instrument into the Clipstand’s adapter hole. Props up your phone or other mementos, even without an instrument, so you never lose sight of either of them!

A Clipstand™️ also clips your papers, or you can clip it to your suit pocket as a Lapel Clip™️ to advertise whatever is printed on, or magnetically attached to, it – at the same time it will cover your pen’s click-button to prevent from opening in your pocket. A versatile tool for your home and office…or in your car, on the go!

Clipstand™️ is a magnetic platform which features:

1). A hinged clip with an adaptable collar for inserting your favorite instruments; and

2). The hinged clip is made of durable plastic with an integrated magnetic strip embedded at the front of the clip for holding onto whiteboards and metallic surfaces, or the like. When our metal is attached to your device, the Clipstand™️ props it up so you can see it easily.

A lot of folks enjoy just holding it in the palm of their hand with no other reason than to fidget with it.

– People like to Flip the Clip™️. Flip it open, snap it closed, so fun!

– Just the act of putting in a pen and pulling it out makes a fun suctioning “Pop!” sound.

– Find a metal or magnetic memento and “Slap” it onto the clip surface….or “Slap” the Clipstand™️ onto a desk, Dry Erase board or other magnetic or metallic surface. Satisfying!

Empower Your Pen™️, and Stand Above the Crowd™️…with an UpWrite Clipstand™️!

Copyrights, TM’s, Patents & Pats Pending

* WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Not for children under 3

*CAUTION: Magnetic device, do not swallow and do not use with a pacemaker.





Clipstand's Addon

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