Secure Stylus Pen™


Secures to your most-utilized surfaces, so you never lose it.

1. Peel and stick Holster™ to your tablet, binder or dashboard
2. Snap in Clipstand
3. Insert UpWrite Stylus Pen, or your instrument of choice, so you never lose it.
4. Release Clipstand™ to use it as a pen topper.

Quantity discounts
1-99 $9.99
100-499 $6.99
500-999 $5.49
1000-2499 $4.98
2500-4999 $4.92
5000-9999 $4.82
10000+ $4.35

*A ClipStand™️ is the backbone of each UpWrite creation.

**min qty (100)

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